A story to tell.

The story changed in October 2015, the alarm of provisional admission drop from the prestigious University of Education Tai Solarin University, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The fear of leaving for an unknown land grasp firmly in my heart but the eagerness to leave for higher institution made the fear fade away like a mirage, resumption was late for me due to some financial constraints, which at some point I feel like giving up, we are taught to go harder when the journey gets hard, which I did and I conquer.

What is a Game Changer?

So meeting new people is a certain thing to happen to every “fresher” newest stay lite in town, to make a decision on whom to stay with throughout the journey is a big decision to be made by every fresher, which am happy I didn’t fail to do. Meeting the likes of Fakayode Rufus, Jimoh Opeoluwa, Olubodun Olajide, Olulode Olatunbosun, Akinjisola Samuel, Oludamola….., school life story can be told be this listed people.

What Life on Campus means to Me.

Life on campus isn’t a surface of roses for me at all, having to starve going attending classes sometimes, having no cash at hand even to get books to read, that isn’t a really set back for me I make the library my friend I did use the library often to get books, often time in school fresher’s who stayed home for some years before gaining admission tends to be more serious.

A new vision added to the mentality of just “come to school and study”.

A friend introduces me to programming, I was really moved to want to learn but no system, got home told my brother, so he allowed me to make use of his system to learn (A system with no backup) that really taught me the value of how to cherish what I had.

How I spend most of my Holidays

Holidays aren’t really ah holiday for some of us, it’s a time to make some money, I was opportune to get a job, doing my holidays which helps me to save up for to get my first system, that’s how the journey started out, learning and unlearning stuff, the process isn’t an easy one but the attraction to like minds make things much bearable to cope with.

How Do I Balance Schooling With Career Path?

Yea!!! it sounds somehow to say career right. Before entering higher institution I have never heard of programming or who a programmer. It isn’t a bad idea to be an undergraduate and aim at learning something to call a profession. One of the things to be known by any undergraduate who is going to be combining schooling with learning any form of a profession is “Time Management” No when to Play, Read have time for everything. A newbie in programming path I and some of my friends are opportune to meet the game-changer in our stay in school, the likes of Bada Gabriel, Awonuga Sheriff .., who gave us the ground to learn and access to some privilege.

For an undergraduate highlight on some of the things, you need to know.

> Fill your circle with like minds.

> Stay connected to those who will help you grow.

> You don’t have much time, Do the needful.

Be proud of Your circle

A circle is actually people you spend most of your time with. One of the things I would be forever grateful for is meeting the likes of the people I shared my life with while on campus, “my circle would eat up your circle” belief me! I won’t trade my circle for anything, love them all.

Long Time Journey

To the road that leads home, to the offspring that cries for a better living.

To the young smart boy or girl out there trying really hard to make this world a better place to leave. Don’t give up on the journey the road that leads home seems rough but diligently we would all get home.

Be your own source of motivation!

Go get that which you desire so much!

A story for another day….



Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in HTML, CSS, JS, Angular,Ionic , Node js

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Ajayi Oluwafemi

Ajayi Oluwafemi

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in HTML, CSS, JS, Angular,Ionic , Node js