You don’t need to have a decade of writing experience and an advanced degree to write for some big content creation company out there! sounds amazing right? having years of experience in writing matters to some companies though but have found you some compilation of content creation companies you could write for if you are interested in taking your writing skills to the next level and also get paid along the line.

— — Let me help you a little to list out some of those things needed before hunting for these opportunities.

What You Need Before Applying

1 Setup a PayPal account — You’ll find that over 95% of the companies that hire freelance writers pay via PayPal so it’s best to already have an account set up, which takes no time.

2 Have a Sample Blog Most company would want you to submit previously published work.

3 Get ProWritingAid (if you don’t have Grammarly) — ProWritingAid is a freelance writer’s best friend. The free version only offers 19 reports so we recommend the paid version which is only $50/year. A cheaper alternative to Grammarly’s paid version (1/3 of the price). They also offer a free 14-day trial.

4 Know your writing specialty areas — It’s best to have an idea of what your “golden topics” are before searching for gigs, as it can save you time from companies that don’t cater to your topic expertise (or preference).

5 Be prepared to wait at least a week to hear back — Depending on the company and job description it can take anywhere from 3 days to several weeks to hear back about a potential gig, so be patient and try to line up several gigs to keep your options open.

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